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Chevy City ExpressThe Chevy City Express van is a full-sized cargo van that means business. Ideal for deliveries, It’s also the perfect work van for a tradesman like a plumber or electrician. By buying OEM Chevrolet parts, you get genuine OEM parts designed to meet the standards of the factory and last as long as the original.

  • Cooling System – When your engine overheats, you run the risk of doing serious damage to the van’s engine. The cooling system is comprised of the radiator, hoses, fans and belts. We carry all of these parts and more like the thermostat, pulleys and water pump.
  • Suspension – A smooth ride is important when you’re hauling cargo, and the shocks help smooth out bumpy roads. If you start to feel the road while riding in your City Express, you might need new shocks. We have all of the suspension parts you need.
  • HVAC – Whether summer or winter, you want the temperature in your cabin to be comfortable, and a bad compressor or a bad heater can cause your HVAC system to stop working. We have replacement parts for your Chevy van.

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