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Chevy Impala LimitedThe Chevy Impala Limited is derived from a vehicle that General Motors has been offering off and on for years. Whether you use this full-sized sedan as a family or fleet car, you enjoy the performance and comfort of this sturdy vehicle. You take great care of it and do regular oil changes. To keep your Impala Limited in great condition, use only OEM Chevrolet parts.

  • Oil Filters – At every oil change, replace the oil filter with a genuine OEM filter. We have oil filters, air filters, transmission filters and fuel filters for your Impala.
  • Transmission – The transmission should shift smoothly, but if you notice any problems it may need some maintenance. We have GM transmissions, transfer cases and more exact fit replacement parts.
  • Brakes – A new set of brake pads will ensure your brakes grip and stop. Another part you may need to change is the calipers since they can get sticky. We have all your brake parts from pads to rotors.

At, you save money because we offer you wholesale pricing and a price match guarantee on OEM GM parts. OEM parts last as long as the original, so you save even more money. In addition to OEM parts, we also sell genuine GM accessories and performance parts, including Crate motors.  Shop for your Chevy Impala parts here.