11 Lowered Two Door Tahoes We'd Take For a Sunday Cruise

Does your Tahoe drive low?
Does it only have 2 doors?
Can it glide through parking lots?
Can it plow through falling snow?
Can it pull off to the shoulder during scenic Sunday detours?
Does your Tahoe drive low?

If so, then you'll love these 2-door lowered Tahoes:


Gray 2dr Tahoe

Gray is a simple color, and this Tahoe wears it well, especially against the similarly-colored sidewalk. But this Tahoe is so low, it begs the question: where does the sidewalk end and the Tahoe begin?


Fan wheel tahoe

We'd take this Tahoe out right now. Music up, windows down - we're ready!


Red 2dr tahoe

This Tahoe should have its own dating profile. "Cherry red & ready to mingle! I'm a Tahoe that rides pretty low, so I hope you're not too tall!"


Blkd out tahoe

Be careful you don't drive past a Tahoe like this on Friday the 13th. To protect yourself from bad luck, it's best to just drive one yourself.


White stripe tahoe

Here's an idea: listen to the White Stripes while driving around in this lowered Tahoe with a white stripe.


Brwn tahoe

Tan M&M's made their exit in 1995, and to our knowledge, not many people miss them. But if lowered tan Tahoes were to disappear, let's just say there's be a gaping hole in our hearts. One big enough to drive a Tahoe through.


Navy Blue tahoe

Next time someone tells you they've got the blues, they could be saying one of three things:

  1. They are sad, presumably because they don't have a lowered Tahoe
  2. They are about to bust out some sweet guitar riffs, or
  3. They are driving a sweet lowered Tahoe like this in the color blue.


Overhaulin tahoe

We're seriously impressed by the paint job on this '96 2-door Tahoe. Never change, Tahoe. Never change.


Green gray tahoe

In Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino describes life as "a game of inches." This lowered Tahoe must have taken that to heart, because there seriously can't be more than an inch of clearance. We dig it.


Maroon tahoe

This Tahoe proves that you can stay low and still get off-road a little bit - even if it's just a field of grass.


Forest grn tahoe

The chrome grille, cerulean paint job, and lowered status work together like a trio of Tahoe awesomeness.

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