6 Awesome Chevy TrailBlazer Hacks, Tricks, and Mods

Trailblazer hacks

Your TrailBlazer is a versatile automobile. It’s sporty, spacious, and really sharp. It doesn’t have to end there though. There are a few fun, easy, and cleaver ways to get more use out of your TrailBlazer.

Note: Some of these mods, tricks, and mods could possibly void your warranty. Not to mention, if you don’t do them right (especially the free mods), you might be looking for replacement parts. Do these at your own risk!


Make Your Own Electronics Dock

Hold electronics hack

This trick will keep your electronics in place, for very cheap. All you have to do is get a sheet of black plastic from a hobby shop. Cut out a 6” square. Then on one side, stick self adhesive strips of velcro on, hook side only. On the center of the dash, place the loop side of strips to hold the square in place. Stick smaller pieces of the velcro hook and loop on the outside of the board and back of your electronics cases. Now you can stick them and go. It should look something like the picture. Although that’s not a TrailBlazer...

Maximize Storage Space

Coat rack hack

If you need more storage, just look up! Use the coat hooks to tie in a bungee net. Doing this will let you store things above your head easily. There’s not much too this trick, but it’s one of the most used.


Block Sun Like the Pilots Do

Sun shade hack

With big vehicles like TrailBlazers, it’s hard to get away from the sun. There’s no shade from the vehicles in front of you, and your sun visors can only do so much. Do like pilots do and use a tinted sheet of film to do the trick. You can find these at hobby stores, and static will hold it in place so you can easily move it around.

Turn Cargo Area Into a Double Decker

Storage hack

This is another easy trick. You can use any kind of board, preferably covered. Then screw in legs to elevate it, use the backseat to stabilize it. Now you have double the storage space! It’s a good trick because it’s immediately removable.

Free Mods

Remove the Screen from Your MAF

MAF screen hack

The theory behind this is that more air will flow if you remove the screen for the MAF sensor. All you have to do with this one is remove it. The hardest part about this one is being careful when you remove it. The sensors inside can be damaged from the slightest touch.

Port Your Own Throttle Body

Ported throttle body hack

We saved the most difficult for last. We recommend you do some research into this and watch a few videos to get your technique down. The essence is that you use a Dremel and attachments to port your own throttle body. Use a low grit sanding wheel to slowly shave away the inside of your throttle body. Don’t get too close to the lip or it won’t mate properly with the tubing from the air lid.

Use these hacks, tricks, and mods and make a Saturday of it. You’ll be glad you did!