Chevy Colorado Air Dam Removal

Many Chevy Colorado owners are opting to remove their lower valance, AKA air dam, for a sleeker look. According to these before and after pics, the removed air dam does give the truck a meaner appearance.

Air dam removal before

Air dam removal after

Stan Ludlow, GM Program Manager, said that while the air dam is there for fuel economy, it can be taken off for off-roading. The air dam drastically reduces angle of approach, but you might also lose some fuel economy with removal.

If you're willing to sacrifice the gas, here’s an in-depth video from YouTuber SaabKyle04 explaining the process with a step-by-step guide.

Removing the Air Dam

1. Open the hood and remove the 6 hex screws that hold down the upper portion of the grille assembly. There are three on the driver’s side, and three on the passenger’s side.

Air dam 1

2. Remove the 8 hex screws that hold in the felt wheel liner on each side.

Air damn 2

3. Once you’ve peeled the liner back, a plate will appear at the bottom of the bumper.

Air dam 3

Take it off by removing the hex screws and 10mm bolt. It’s one big plastic piece and looks like this when removed:

Air dam 3.5

4. Remove the wire to the fog lamp.

Air dam 4

5. Find the three hex screws that are located near the edge of the headlight and remove them, as shown here:

Air dam 5

6. Once the three screws have been removed, the outer portion of the face can easily be popped out of the fender. However, before it comes completely off, you must remove the 2 recessed 10 mm bolts in the grille as shown here.

Air dam 6
Air dam 6.5

7. Last, there are 2 more 10 mm bolts—one of the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s side—that need to be removed. They are located where the plastic piece you removed in step 3 was. The specific bolt is shown here:

Air dam 7

8. Work the facia and lay it face down, preferably on a rubber mat or a blanket to prevent scratches.

9. Remove all the hex screws that are holding the air dam on.

Air dam 8

10. Reassemble the front facia of the truck.

11. Enjoy your slick new ride!