Custom Cadillac CTS is a Head Turner

The CTS really doesn’t need much to turn a head or two going down the road — really, it’s one of the sharpest cars of its kind off the factory line. However, this CTS is unmissable! You already know why from the picture, but here’s a little more about the custom CTS.

Cadillac CTS custom side

This is a one of a kind, special edition Cadillac, supposedly painted Lamborghini Orange by Cadillac — that’s according to the person selling it on eBay.

Cadillac CTS custom front

Cadillac CTS custom rear

It’s a V6 coupe with tons of modifications, the most obvious being appearance driven. Outside of the paint job, the Cadillac is rolling around with clear taillights/brake lights, custom fog lights, Giovanna wheels, tinted windows, and a clear protective bra.

Cadillac CTS custom interior

Inside, you’ll find black and orange leather, custom black floor mats with Cadillac logos, an in-dash remote K40 radar detector, and small customizations throughout.

The current owner makes it a point to let it be known that the car was babied in his care, and it really does show. Even if flash is not your style, this car is amazingly clean.

Cadillac CTS side

Other than the custom orange engine covers, there’s very little else changed under the hood, or in the engine for that matter.

This bad little CTS is screaming for attention and will almost certainly get it anywhere it goes!