GMCs at Carlisle Nationals

The Carlisle Truck Nationals of 2013 was one of the most successful dates in the event’s long history. Truck enthusiasts from all over the United States brought their trucks, or just themselves, to the Carlisle, PA fairgrounds to participate with and watch some of the coolest trucks in action. Everyone was able to enjoy competitions, see some stunning show cars, and watch an amazing award’s show parade. The GM trucks spanned many different generations and models. Here’s a taste of what GM and GMC trucks we saw in 2013 that represented the brand the best.

Lowered Trucks Galore

A huge presence at Carlisle this year was the lowered and bagged GM trucks. These low riders gave into gravity and were a big hit amongst the spectators. Some of the lowered trucks even participated in the limbo competition to test their unusual amount of clearance.

Lowered GMC Truck

Lowered GMC truck

Lifted Trucks

Some GM trucks went all the way to the ground, while others stood sky high and overlooked the crowds.

Lifted GMC truck

Cool lifted GMC truck

Classic GM Trucks

The classics were really the show stealers at Carlisle, and this has been true since the initiation of the event in the early 90s. People could view some of the earliest GM models and revisit the heritage of the brand.

Classic GMC truck

Classic GMC beauty

Modern Trucks by GM

Although the vintage GM makes definitely have the nostalgia factor, more modern makes were quite impressive as well! The modern trucks ranged from stock condition to highly modified.

Modern GMC truck

Cool Modern GMC Truck