Gorgeous Chevy Camaros Spotted at SEMA 2013

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most loved sports cars around today. It has a long history in the automotive industry, and a special place in the hearts of so many car lovers. As you can see in these photos taken at the SEMA show in 2013, it’s a car with many different sides. From the Banks ZL1, to the Camo Camaro & COPO Camaro, there are many different flavors of the new generation out there -- including those that can’t keep from going sideways! Even with so many newer models out there to dazzle, Camaro enthusiasts will always hold the classic models on a pedestal, as demonstrated below.

Check out this awesome selection, and please, try not to drool on your keyboard, that could be dangerous.

banks-zl1-camaro copo-camaro-rt-ft copo-camaro-rt-rr IMG_1293_camaro IMG_1298_camaro IMG_1306_camaro IMG_1308_camaro IMG_1310_camaro IMG_1404_camaro IMG_2182_camaro IMG_2189_camaro IMG_2295._camaro pearl-white-saleen-camaro-right pearl white saleen camaro-rear sideways-camaro-top.jpg sideways-camaro-under camo-camaro.jpg