OEM Vs. Aftermarket Bumper Covers: Which is Better?

Are you shopping for a replacement bumper cover? One of the first questions you may be asking is whether you should get an OEM bumper cover or an aftermarket one.

If you ask us, OEM is the far superior choice.

What to Look For in a Replacement Bumper Cover

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The three most important factors to consider are:

  • Quality: High quality materials make all the difference in the world. When you have a bumper made of high quality flexible plastic and metal, you’ll be safer in the event of a crash. It’s because these materials are specifically designed to absorb the most impact. Bumper covers made of cheap materials won’t provide as much protection in an accident.
  • Cost: There’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg on a bumper cover. That’s why it’s important to look at the long-term cost of a bumper cover to figure out if it’s a good buy.
  • Safety: The whole point of a bumper cover is to protect your vehicle from impacts. You want a bumper cover that’s designed primarily to provide maximum protection.

OEM bumper covers come out on top when you take the three factors into account. It’s because:

1. Quality and Precise Fitment are Guaranteed With OEM Bumper Covers

GM ensures that its bumper covers are built with high quality flexible plastic specifically designed to absorb as much impact as possible. OEM bumper covers are also designed with precise fitment in mind.

You can’t say the same about most aftermarket bumper covers. While some of them may be built with stronger materials, these materials aren’t going to offer optimal protection in a crash. It’s all about how well the material is able to absorb impacts. Also, aftermarket bumper covers are basically copies of OEM bumper covers. If the first copy of the original wasn't done well, the copies won't fit well.

If you value quality and fitment (as you should), then OEM is the way to go.

2. OEM Bumper Covers Cost Less in the Long Run

The major advantage to aftermarket bumper covers is upfront cost. However, OEM bumper covers are actually cheaper in the long run because they use better, more durable materials. An OEM bumper cover will flex and absorb blows that will crack an aftermarket cover.

3. With OEM Bumper Covers, Safety Comes First

Cruze cover

Some aftermarket bumper covers are designed with aesthetics as the utmost priority. It defeats the purpose of having bumper covers on your car. OEM bumper covers are always designed with safety as the utmost priority. They are intended to provide safety for you, and also for pedestrians.

Key Takeaway

OEM bumper covers are safer, more reliable, and more cost effective than aftermarket bumper covers. If you’ve decided to go the OEM route, we have good news for you: it’s really easy to find an OEM bumper cover that’s designed specifically for your GM vehicle.

It takes only a few minutes to look up your car in our catalog of genuine OEM bumper covers. You can also check out this list of our top selling OEM GMC bumper covers:

  • Part No. 15915335: For 2009-2013 Corvettes
  • Part No. 23191218: For 2014-2018 Corvettes
  • Part No. 42518918: For 2017-2018 Bolt EVs
  • Part No. 84190084: For 2016-2018 Cruzes
  • Part No. 23146557: For 2014-2016 Malibus