Story of CTS-V Wagon On The Coolest Road Trip

CTS-V Roadtrip1

From Atlanta to California, and back, it’s quite the haul. For this kind of extreme road trip you’d better have a reliable car — and what better choice than a CTS-V Wagon! The driver carefully chronicled his journey here. We’d like to share some of the highlights.

CTS-V Roadtrip11

The journey totaled 356 gallons of fuel used.

CTS-V Roadtrip2

The driver manned the wheel for 6,300 miles from Georgia to California, back to Georgia.

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CTS-V Roadtrip Ariz
CTS-V Roadtrip Cali
CTS-V Roadtrip Miss
CTS-V Roadtrip Nav

17 states were covered over this massive road trip.

CTS-V Roadtrip5

The story told by the driver/writer is quite fascinating. Still, it’s the car that we’re fixated on (for obvious reasons).

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CTS-V Roadtrip6

During a 3,500 mile, day ten update, we learn a little more about this awesome Wagon.

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CTS-V Roadtrip10

There were few issues throughout the trip, and nothing slowed them down.

CTS-V Roadtrip Colorado

The CTS-V proved to be reliable during the high mileage journey.

CTS-V Roadtrip Salt Lake

Not once did it overheat, lose a belt, or have trip stopping part failure.

CTS-V Roadtrip Tenn

All in all, the CTS-V Wagon was a great choice for the trip. They are spacious, well-built, fun, and with the right parts, they'll last forever. This makes it likely that they're one of the most fun road trip cars of all time.