The Family That Drives Together, Arrives Together

camaro lineup

About an hour's drive from Atlanta, the Griffins of Gainesville, GA are die-hard GM enthuisiasts with awesome taste in cars. This family is well-known in the car community and have been involved in many car shows and events. Here’s a look at their current rides a little history of the GM cars they’ve welcomed into their lives in the past.

David’s 1992 Camaro Z/28

The oldest of the Camaros, David Griffin's 92' Z28 is nearly as old as he his. Son of Anne and Dave Griffin, David's had this 92' Z28 since he was a high schooler and just getting his footing in the car community.

1992 camaro

Here are the specs:

*350 w/ Automatic transmission
*Vortec Cylinder Heads
*Vortec Intake
*SLP ported runners
*Ported Plenum
*58mm throttle body
*Pro-kit springs and KYB shocks
*Power everything
*Kenwood radio with two 12” subs in the trunk

David brags that his Camaro has never left him stranded - even though he's never really "gone easy on it." This 22 year old car covers the quarter mile in 13.8 seconds, which is about the same time as a stock LS1 F-Body.

1992 camaro lineup

2014 1SSIn addition to his ’92, David's added a new 2014 Ashen Grey 1SS with halo headlights, LED taillights, and painted fin antenna as a part of the optional package. To add some variety, he opted for a 6-speed manual with a GM short throw shifter. The 6.2L engine is currently stock, producing 426 hp at 5900 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 4600 rpm. Best of all, David gets 24 MPGs on the highway (which is a lot better than the 92', no doubt).

David also notes that the new Camaro's dual mode exhaust is an awesome feature. It allows him to make the car sound like a monster at WOT, without angering the neighbors when he’s leaving for work in the morning.


Anne’s 2010 Inferno Orange 2SS

camaro 2ss

Mom is every bit as in love with her chariot as her family, and who would blame her? This hot car has every option available in 2010 — including:

*RS package
*Leather interior
*Heritage painted grille
*Painted and molded mud flaps
*GM Performance axle-back exhaust
*GM Performance blade/ducktail spoiler
*…and 400 horsepower that pumps through the automatic transmission

A Family's GM History and Heritage

camaros leaving the lot

Just as interesting as the cars is the family that's bound together with Chevrolet performance culture. When Anne and Dave first met, he was rolling around in a 1976 Malibu with a huge cam, true dual exhaust, and straight through mufflers. Over the years, Dave (Dad) has had quite the collection of GM performance; A blue 358 1978 Camaro with 6” cowl hood and black stripes. A white 1978 Camaro that they hauled David around in when he was a baby, and a blue 1978 Z/28. A race ready S-10, a classic Chevy pickup, an LSx swapped ’94 Z/28 convertible, a full-size Blazer, and ‘60s Le Mans. But Dave's first love was a 1972 Chevy Chevelle that he had to spray paint black to cover the mismatched doors.

camaros leaving the lot 2

The Griffins of Gainesville are one of thousands of families that have Chevrolet in their blood, and it's this kind of heritage and passion that helps to make the Chevrolet brand so special. Chevy truly does run deep.