5 Small GMs with Big Engines

There’s no doubt that GM can make a big engine. Be it big in size or big in output, the Chevy engine family is a serious brood. When you combine these monster engines with smaller GM models, you get something magical and crazy fast. Here are five small GM builds with big Chevy engines.

Vega Engine 1

This Vega is rocking a Chevy 545 big block and T-10.

Vega Engine 2

It’s a 1973 Vega wagon that’s set up for racing.

Chevette engine

This fully restored Chevette is equipped with a big block Chevy 427 with L88 heads.

Fiero engine

It’s almost too insane to process: a Fiero with a rear mounted big block!

454 Engine

This massive Chevy 454 powers…

Monza engine

This 1977 Chevy Monza!

Nova engine

Before the Nova was redesigned as a larger vehicle, it was a pretty small car. Stuffed in this small frame is a blown big block!

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