Bluetooth Not Working for Chevy Malibu

Auto manufacturers have been adding Bluetooth capability to their vehicles for some time. In many cases, it has been a part of the luxury package options and factory installed. As more states ban handheld cellphones, the ability to use your handsfree device is convenient. Like all software, there are some problems with it.

chevy malibu bluetooth

Generally, the Bluetooth connection works fine and the pairing goes off without a hitch, but if you have trouble, these are the most common issues for the Malibu owner.

Issue: I try to connect my Bluetooth on my Chevy Malibu, but I am getting no response.

What to do:

You can check to see if Bluetooth is installed on your car by looking for the code UPF (UWE in some cases) on the parts identification label glove box inside door or under the spare tire cover in models from 2009 through 2012. The code UPF or UWE means that Bluetooth has been factory installed as part of the trim package on your Malibu. If the code is not there, it has not been installed, and it cannot be retrofitted.

*If you do have the code and it is still not working, check to ensure that you are pushing the buttons correctly.

*The Malibu has the commands installed on the steering wheel

*Push the far right button on the steering wheel (OnStar/Bluetooth) and hold for two seconds

*The system should respond with "ready"

*You then say "Bluetooth"

*It will then respond with "Bluetooth ready"

*You then say "pair" and follow the rest of the instructions to marry up your Bluetooth device with your car

Issue: My Malibu lost the pairing between it and my Bluetooth.

What to do:

If the pairing had been working fine, you may need to take the car in and have the software updated since this has been known to cause the pairing to stop working.

A note from General Motors to those who have both Bluetooth and OnStar and having issues with the older Smartphone connections being dropped: You now have the option to update your own software through OnStar rather than the dealership.

The software updates will be available through OnStar until September 30, 2016. According to GM if you do not have an OnStar subscription, one will be provided to you free for 30 days in order for you to update and try out their services.

Issue: When I press the phone button on the steering wheel, it mutes the radio and changes the stations.

What to do:

*Put the car in Park

*Set the ignition to On/Run

*Press the OnStar/Bluetooth button on the steering wheel

*Hold for two seconds

*Follow the previous instructions for pairing