Featured Vehicle: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro/Trans Am Conversion

The other day, we came across this interesting Camaro/Trans Am conversion on eBay. To say that we were intrigued would be an understatement.

Camaro conversion 1

Photo credit: eBay seller classicautoshowplace

Detroit-based Heide Performance Products (HPP) built this car to display their own work and products. In its heyday, the custom car was displayed at SEMA, and it won trophies in several car shows. Now, it’s retired and ready to move on to its next owner.

Camaro conversion 3

Camaro conversion 4

It was listed on eBay in January 2018, and a bidding war resulted in a price of $27,655. However, the reserve hasn’t been met so the car isn’t officially sold yet.

Described by the eBay seller as a “[truly] one-of-a-kind car [that] generates looks everywhere it goes,” this car is a Trans Am built on a 2010 Camaro SS chassis.

Body Modifications

Let’s talk about what caught our eye first - the custom front end of this car. HPP molded the front end piece themselves. They added in a custom wire mesh grille, a stamped steel front trim ring, and HID headlights.

Camaro conversion 8

The custom molded hood compliments the nose. We’re loving how the twin intake ports give this car an aggressive look. It’s fitting considering this car is powered by the Camaro’s stock 6.2L V8 motor (plus a supercharger).

The entire body came from a Trans Am body kit. However, all the panels on the body are modified except the roof. HPP modified the fenders, doors, and rear quarter panels to accommodate the angled body feature along the side of the car.

Camaro conversion 6

Camaro conversion 7

Camaro conversion 9

A bunch of modifications were done to the rear of this car.

Camaro conversion 5

We spy a custom rear spoiler, a stamped steel rear bumper, and custom taillight overlays. It’s a pretty unique look, huh?

Performance Upgrades

The engine bay remained untouched except for a Magnuson Supercharger that adds about 150 horsepower. That means this car churns out up to 550 horsepower. Holy smokes!

Camaro conversion 14

The undercarriage sports a KW coilover suspension system. To be honest, we’re kind of glad that HPP mainly left the engine bay and undercarriage components alone because the Camaro is already a well-built car with tons of premium OEM parts. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Interior Customizations

It’s immediately clear that HPP paid tribute to the original Trans Am because the interior is decked out in red, white, and blue.

Camaro conversion 11

Camaro conversion 13

Camaro conversion 12

It appears that the interior customizations are purely cosmetic, as it seems that HPP kept the steering wheel, dash, and other parts of the interior from the stock 2010 Camaro SS. The custom blue seats, door panels, and center console are pretty rad, to say the least.

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