A '76 Firebird That Can Probably Outrun Your Local Sheriff

The next time you see red and blue lights behind you while driving, you’re gonna wish you had this Firebird.

Fast Trans Am1

A car even Burt Reynolds would want.

We don’t know who originally bought this Firebird, but we know that a New Jersey collector and a Trans Am restorer owned it five years ago. They restored most of it before selling it to eBay seller coburn2003’s father.

This Firebird has a total of 104,000 miles, including the 6,800 miles put on it since the restoration. Described as a “screaming chicken” by the seller, this Firebird was “babied, barely driven, and garage kept”.

This classic Trans Am was one of the last ones produced right before Smokey and the Bandit made Trans Ams wildly popular. Pontiac produced just over 20,000 units of this year model, so you can call this Trans Am pretty rare.

So let’s see what this screaming chicken is all about!

The Body

Described as “laser straight” by the eBay seller, the body seems to be in excellent shape. The Trans Am restorer who owned it five years ago gave this car a brand spankin’ new paint job with show-quality Starlight black paint. They also restored the frame.

Fast Trans Am2

Fast Trans Am3

Fast Trans Am6

Brand new tires

Under the Hood

If you pop the hood, you’ll see that this Firebird packs a lot of punch with a rare 400 V8 engine and an automatic transmission. The eBay seller wrote that the engine underwent a full nut and bolt rebuild. He also said that every part in this car is original.

Fast Trans Am8

Fast Trans Am9

The Interior

The all-original interior is in great condition, with a 1976 AM/FM radio in perfect working order. We appreciate that the person who restored this Firebird kept everything original. A butchered Trans Am – especially one in pristine condition like this one – would break our hearts.

“This is a classic that you can count on to go up in value year after year,” the seller wrote. “[It is] one of the most fun investments out there.”

Fast Trans Am10

If you’re hoping to get your hands on this beaut, it’s a little too late. Some lucky buyer snagged it for $25K. He also got an autographed photograph of Burt Reynolds and all the trophies this Firebird won at car shows. We're so envious. So, so envious.

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