Silverado: A Drifting Machine?

The Chevy Silverado is a reliable and rugged workhorse of a truck that people have enjoyed working out of, pulling/hauling with, and driving the family around in since the late 90s. We’ve seen a few Silverados that can turn a decent burnout, and even a few drag trucks, but what about drifting? It can’t be, right? A Silverado drifting — that’s hard to imagine. Well, here’s evidence that drifting Silverados are actually pretty awesome.

The Work Truck Dominates the Track

This truck is pretty amazing, and there’s no doubt that it’s a work truck — it’s even equipped with a full size rack. In this video, a 2002 2500HD equipped with the factory 6.0L V8, Flowmaster mufflers, and a cold air intake, lets loose during a drifting event during the truck spectator drags at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Maine.

Silverado Gravel Drifting

When you find a gravel covered roundabout, there’s only one thing to do, so you do it! This probably had some nasty implications in the paint, but fun is fun.

When a Silverado Meets an Empty Col-De-Sac

What a waste of pavement it would be to let this patch of pavement just sit there without any tire marks? This Silverado owner didn’t let the opportunity pass and turned a few donuts and drift moves for the camera.

Silverado Burnout Drift

This Silverado terrorized an intersection with burnouts that lead into a little bit of drifting. The drifting aspect of this video isn’t the main attraction, but the burnouts make up for the lack of drifting footage — and it’s worth watching all the way through to see a little (possibly unintentional) Silverado drifting.

Get Inside of a Drifting Truck

This video puts you inside the truck while it’s drifting — don’t worry, the majority of it is shot from the outside, so you don’t have to listen to the occupants talking the whole time. The drifting truck is pretty fun to watch as it makes to most of a rainy day.

Ready to turn your Silverado into a drifting truck? Two things: 1. Only do it where approved, legal, and safe 2. Make sure your truck is in top shape with regular maintenance and service if you’re going to stress it with drifting. When you inevitably break something drifting, check out our Silverado catalog here to get quality OEM replacement parts at bottom dollar!