11 Vintage Camaro Ads We Love

For many, the Chevy Camaro is THE muscle car. It's been dominating roads since the 60s, and with each generation, it brings something new to the table.

Sure, there have been some slip-ups (the 1982 Camaro Iron Duke, anyone?), but the Camaro always seems to come out ahead. To celebrate one of Chevy's most iconic sports cars, here are 11 vintage Camaro ads we love:


Camaro ad z28

The heartbeat of America is winning. The '91 Z28 certainly won us over!


Camaro ad bananas

What do you think: practical or bananas? We certainly approve of the bananas approach.


Camaro ad performance

The performance stats on this 1984 Z28 are a nice touch.


Camaro ad rock roll

Rock and roll is here to stay, just like the 1986 Camaro IROC-Z.


Camaro ad spread

Of the 1967 Camaro, this spread claims that "You don't drive it; you command it!" Can any of our readers back this up?


Camaro ad throat

Grill, you've really got me goin'.


Camaro ad gt machine

These old hand-drawn ads really did the Camaro SS justice.


Camaro ad aero duo

An aerodynamic duo, indeed!


Camaro ad gene pool

1996 might not seem "vintage" just yet, but look at that lineup!


Camaro ad 2466

In 1967, $2466 would get you a brand new Camaro. Today, that might not even be enough for a down payment!


Camaro ad z28 cam

We like our Camaros AND our Corvettes, but we prefer to keep them separate.