Chevrolet Spark EV Years

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The Chevy Spark EV is the electric version of the popular Daewoo Spark that GM helps build. The EV model made its debut in 2013 in California and Oregon. When you need OEM Chevy parts for your EV, buy OEM Chevy EV parts because they’re made to meet the factory specifications for the Spark EV. We carry a selection of Chevy Spark-EV parts at

Brake Lights – The brake lights let everyone know that you’re going to stop, and helps prevent rear end collisions. Lights wear out, so you need to replace them regularly. We carry brake lights, headlights and other lights.

Starters – When you turn the ignition key, you expect the vehicle to start. If it won’t start, you might have a problem with the starter. We carry starters, alternators and batteries.

Coil Springs – The coil springs help your vehicle deliver a smooth ride for you and your passengers. As they wear out, you might start to notice you feel more bumps as you drive. We carry coil springs and other suspension parts.

We want you to save money on your OEM GM parts, so we offer wholesale pricing and give you a price match guarantee on all OEM GM parts. At, we offer more than OEM parts. We also sell genuine GM accessories and performance parts, including Crate motors. Buy  your Spark EV parts now.